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When you commit to financial freedom, you need a Cleveland area bankrupcty attorney you can trust. Since 2001, Dean Paolucci has helped several thousand clients start over with bankruptcy. Paolucci Law is dedicated to getting the people of Cleveland, Ohio back on their feet.

Do you need an attorney to file bankruptcy?

Although it is not possible for everyone to have an attorney, there are several advantages to obtaining legal representation and most people choose to work with a local bankruptcy lawyer. In fact, a 2011 study run by the Central District of California found that only about 9% of individuals filing for bankruptcy nationwide do so without an attorney. By working with an attorney like Dean, who knows the ins and outs of successfully filing for bankruptcy and discharging debts in Cleveland Bankruptcy Court, you will avoid common pitfalls of self-representation such as filing under the wrong chapter, failing to file the necessary documents, choosing incorrect property exemptions, not understanding and submitting certificates for Credit Counseling and Education Requirements, and dealing with motions or adversary actions.

A knowledgeable bankruptcy attorney can not only assist you in choosing between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy, but can often also help you keep more property and discharge more debts. State of Ohio and federal bankruptcy laws and exemptions are subject to periodic changes. Your bankruptcy attorney will make sure that you have the appropriate law and statute citation. Additionally, according to the 2011 Central District bankruptcy study, many self-represented filers fail to file all of the required bankruptcy documents. Since courts generally also have local forms and regulations, working with an Ohio attorney experienced in Cleveland bankruptcy law provides you with the in-depth legal advice you need to quickly obtain financial security and peace of mind.

How much does Cleveland bankruptcy cost?

In addition to a $100 down payment at commencement, you will be required to pay a $335 court filing fee as well as attorney fees of $800 and up, depending on the case. If the financial complexity of your individual situation demands additional time investment above and beyond general bankruptcy requirements, your bankruptcy attorney will notify you of any expected additional cost during your free bankruptcy consultation. Because we understand the difficulty of your situation, we provide various payment plan options to meet your economic needs.

Chapter 7: Get on with your life

As much as your debt, creditors, threats, and stress has made you sick, it makes us sick, too and that’s why we’re in business; it’s why we started a bankruptcy law firm. We want to help the people of Cleveland, Ohio and Dean Paolucci is the Cleveland bankruptcy attorney to relieve your financial situation with Chapter 7 bankruptcy. We understand your stress and care about making your life better.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy might completely relieve your worries, your anxiety, and your debt. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your debt, even a little bit, know that Chapter 7 is a Civil Right and in Cleveland, Ohio Dean Paolucci is your guide in bankruptcy law. As soon as you sign up for your Chapter 7 bankruptcy, your debt collectors should stop calling you. Your stress is immediately reduced when your phone stops ringing day and night.

Along with credit card debt, Chapter 7 bankruptcy will eliminate a lot of other debt. We help a lot of people get rid of their medical bills, payday loans, car repossessions, and most other unsecured debt.

If your financial situation doesn’t exactly match the above financial situation, that’s okay and that’s what makes Chapter 7 Bankruptcy such a good solution for most people. It’s an option for most anybody to clear their debt with very few eligibility requirements. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your financial situation and can’t keep up with your monthly expenses, filing Chapter 7 in Cleveland is probably a smart financial decision.

Debts usually eliminated in Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases:

|credit card debt, including fees & interest

|payday loans

|collection agency accounts

|medical bills

|personal loans

|utility bills (past due amounts only)

|bounced & dishonored checks (unless fraudulent)

|vehicle repossession balances

|auto accident claims (except those involving DUI)

|business debts

|past due rent

|civil court judgments (unless fraudulent)

|unpaid taxes past a certain # of years

|attorney fees (except in child support cases)

|social security overpayments

|veterans assistance loans & overpayments

Debts usually NOT eliminated in Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases:

|certain taxes

|alimony or child support

|debt owed to government for fines and penalties

|debts for injury caused by the debtor’s operation of a motor vehicle while impaired

|attorney fees in child custody and child support cases

|some court fines and penalties

|student loans


|Chapter 7 bankruptcy wipes out your debt.

|It gives you a fresh start and you do not have to pay back any of the creditors.

|Most debts are dischargeable, including credit cards, medical bills, repossessions, foreclosures, and judgments.

|You can keep your house and vehicles in Chapter 7 or you can give them up, without further payment.

|Once you hire Paolucci Law, we take all the harassing creditor calls for you.

|Chapter 7 with Paolucci Law gives you peace of mind.


|Chapter 7 bankruptcy hurts your credit for about 1.5 - 2 years. Your credit score may drop about 100 points.

|You will qualify for credit cards in about six months, and you could buy a vehicle in about six months.

|We advise waiting about two years to buy a house after filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

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